ootd-studio style-in words

harvard shirt wrapped around head
diamond earrings
sweatshirt from grade 9 gym class
blue shorts
black knee high socks
what do you wear to work?
other: only three ways you can get in my good books. also: best breakthrough today. it was a simple one..but took months to figure out.

updates + more lessons

after a long period of darkness-the clouds parted today. (sincere and needed).  if i’ve learned anything- you should* reserve crying for funerals. one tasteful teardrop or two. i mean shit it’s not about you.

japan street style

took my new bmw out in the middle of the night. drove along lawns and through two plastic fences. did some spins because i can’t reverse very well. got scared and decided to just sit in the car for the rest of the night. (i’ll leave it at that)