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sarah clifford-rashotte what's in my bag studio

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte / paris studio / what’s in my bag / 2015

sarah clifford-rashotte studio erasers

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte / paris studio / erase everything / 2015

cut a bitch

cut a bitch(es) / puerto rican vibes / paris / venice / 2015

du pain des idees copy

du pain des idees / paris / food haul


weigh yourself in public always

sarah clifford-rashotte sol friedman

every elevator morning. paris studio. 2015


from your diary

Givenchy- Ioulex’s couture fashion week photo diary.

Givenchy- Ioulex’s couture fashion week photo diary.

BEST TEAM. (if only i could appreciate your art the way i appreciate Givenchy)
 found myself in a new part of the city yesterday. that hasn’t happened it a long long time… and it wasn’t worth visiting again. judgment journal.
other: being given a donut to celebrate a monumental event in my life.