cat ad 2015

inside the school

nordic art school

kokkola mornings

kokkola mornings- neristan


details – nordic art school

porcelain figures

porcelain window figures



late night bike ride

late night bike ride



Karl Lagerfeld cat 2012

 because his cat is so much more interesting. no. but he does have more flowers than the rest of us.


 this is what my bedroom looks like. white walls, like a gallery or mental institution. maybe three things in the room. but my hair is far nicer. (fun fact: i own next to nothing. on purpose.) i put my life in some white boxes because it felt better. #dark

shana tova

 שנה טובה

first time really celebrating Rosh Hashanah- spent it alone in an empty house with two cats. 
brought a party hat, shofar, honey. put them back in safe keeping for another year. 
wow. wow. wow. 

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte. C1. 2009

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte. C1. 2009

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte. C2.2009.

Sarah Clifford-Rashotte. C2.2009.

 joke of the day. shout out.
i’ve celebrated every other holiday- but never this way. it just wasn’t the same. 
other: i’m absolutely not one for cat photos. this was a special circumstance. i know. you know
other: this year i’m going to__________________.